Change-ABLE™ jewelry

Are you someone with a really busy schedule,

who travels a lot or needs to attend events right after work or business meetings?
You don't have much time to think about accessorizing, but you still want to look stylish and elegant all day?

My Change-ABLE™ jewelry will make it easy for you to go from day to night, easier to pack your suitcases, or to change your outfits without the need to change out your jewelry...

The concept of the Change-ABLE jewelry stems from my practical side, but it also has a very deep personal meaning, representing my philosophy, for life and style.


I am very practical and I am constantly creating ways to improve all processes in my life: solutions, shortcuts, and ways to save time.

My daughter calls me Kim Possible, because I could come up with any solution or fix any problem, at least so it seems. I have apparently been life hacking all this time and I didn’t even know it  :) 

Thus it is natural for me to extend this practice into my business and my jewelry designs.

Usually when people talk about versatile jewelry, they talk about layering.

Layering can be very pretty; however on me it felt too messy, distracting and heavy. For me it was impractical to carry around all the various jewelry, especially when travelling. Now if you are a minimalist and/or perfectionist, like me, you probably like simpler and cleaner look. This is why I developed my own versatile solutions that would let me wear the same necklace with different outfits, different necklines, day or night.

It's my Change-ABLE jewelry and you can learn how to wear it here.


Uplifting others and influencing someone's life positively is my super-power, it is the deeper meaning I use to promote and embrace "positive changes" which are reflected in my Change-ABLE jewelry.

I hope every time you wear these versatile pieces, you are reminded that you are beautiful, strong and you can inspire and empower yourself and others around you whenever you choose to at any given movement, from day to day or from day to night. Remember that if something doesn't work in your life, YOU are ABLE to change it. WE are ABLE to change our lives and affect lives of other people in a positive way! When we change ourselves, I believe the world changes with us, thus it is my sincerest hope that my jewelry can play a small part to reinforce, remind, and inspire you to change to the positive every time you look at it...

 "Change is the only constant in life", said Greek philosopher Heraclitus many, many centuries ago... and I can't agree more!


Riina Mettas-Wilsey