My sources of inspiration

My sources of inspiration can be very eclectic, one day I am drawn to ancient Egyptian art and jewelry, the next I am fascinated by Art Deco and 1920s interior design, or I can be really moved by modern architecture and design elements.

My first source of inspiration is my homeland Estonia and especially its capital Tallinn, a beautiful and ancient city on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Tallinn is a blend of Old World and New, with buildings and plazas harking back to the 12th century, cuddled up with modern architecture.
I grew up influenced by modern, innovative and simple Nordic designs and its simple aesthetics influences everything I create today. While the USA has been my home for many years now, Tallinn will always be a big part of my designer's  heart.

Tallinn, Estonia


Another big source of inspiration has been New York City with its diverse culture and amazing architecture. I love the aesthetics and lines of the skyscrapers, sleek and clean. I have always been fascinated by the rows of lighted windows, when the city is enveloped by the darkness of the night. As I view every lit window I imagine how each one embraces a person or a family behind it, a little world of  human souls with stories of struggles and joys. So, the gemstones and crystals in my designs symbolize those lighted windows, those little worlds and their stories; and so many of my designs are a nod to the city I love, to its architecture, to its people.

 New York City


  Riina Mettas-Wilsey