Waterfall Set in White Pearl

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Waterfall Change-ABLE™ Necklace is versatile and practical, yet very elegant! This necklace has 5 easily removable pendants and can be worn in different ways:  

 - you can wear all 5 pendants (in different order) for a luxurious look

- you can wear 2-4 pendants (also in different order) for a feminine look

- or you can wear just one pendant, choosing one of 3 different pearl sizes for a sophisticated look

You can use any of the pendants separate on any chain, neckwire or velvet ribbon.

Earring Materials: Freshwater Pearls, 14K Gold-Filled

Earring Length: 3 1/2 inches

Necklace Materials: Freshwater Pearls, 14K Gold-Filled, Gold Plated Brass

Necklace Length: neckwire – 16 inches, pendants – 5 1/4 inches