Windows Change-ABLE Necklace in Purple Shimmer

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Windows Change-ABLE™ Necklace is the most versatile and practical yet elegant necklace ever! It comes with a detachable pendant and has clasps on both ends so it can be worn in many different ways:

- you can wear it long with the pendant for a luxurious look or without the pendant for a sophisticated look

- you can double up the necklace and wear it without the pendant for a classical look or with the pendant for a more feminine look (or attach the pendant on the back if you have open back dress)

- you can use the pendant alone on any chain, neckwire or a velvet ribbon

- since the necklace has clasps on both ends you can easily change length or just wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet (fits any size)

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Materials: Crystals, Sterling Silver

Length: necklace – 35.5 inches, pendant – 6 inches